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New Life Productions, LLC

New Life Productions, LLC

Independent Theatre & Film Production Company

     Who and What is New Life Productions?


South Carolina African American churches, organizations, and schools lacked a group to present drama material or had a lack of original, diverse, and contemporary stage work available and tailored-made for their audiences.

New Life Productions (NLP) was formed in 1997 operating under the name of New Life Ensemble. The concept for the theatre group was derived from a vision the Artistic Director and Founder, Leasharn M. Hopkins, had about forming a community-based theatrical ministry. She believes theatre and film are genres that can be used to reinforce messages that affect communities and target populations/groups.

During its initial conception, New Life Ensemble's mission was to Educate, Entertain, and Minister (EEM) through theatre. New Life Ensemble has performed for various churches, community-based organizations, public agencies and schools across the State of South Carolina, North Carolina, and New York.

During the first five years, New Life Ensemble theatrical repertoire included health/social theme plays dealing with the following: alcoholism, drug awareness, domestic violence, and teen pregnancy.

As the years progressed New Life Ensemble evolved into New Life Productions, LLC and added the following health/social theme plays to their production resume: gang violence, sexual assault, communicable diseases, HIV/AIDS, Black Heritage Awareness, faith-based plays and the list is continually growing.

Since its inception, NLP grew from being a theatre troupe to a production company that focuses on the concept of "Edu-tainment" (combining health, social, and politically themed productions).

Also, NLP has collaborated with several community organizations across the U.S. to bring performances that were "tailored made" to educate and entertain their communities. NLP has provided an opportunity for new and established writers to have their works either read or mounted as full productions or converted their scripts into film shorts.

NLP has formed a newer component to its expanding company. For the Love of the Arts (FLA) Foundation is a state (South Carolina) recognized non-profit organization that provides arts education to our community.

We offer workshops to organizations, individuals, correctional institutions, and churches. Our workshops can range from celebration arts (churches) to acting and writing classes to developing an arts program for a correctional institution.

Our company pride itself on meeting the artistic needs of the community.

Business/Mailing Address:

19 N Lake Pointe Drive

Columbia, SC 29229

If you are interested in supporting us helpus achieve our artistic goals, consider donating to our company.

You may click on the secure Paypal donation button or you may make your check or money order payable to: New Life Productions and mail to 19 N. Lake Pointe Drive, Columbia, SC 29229.

Thanks for your support!!!