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New Life Productions, LLC

New Life Productions, LLC

Independent Theatre & Film Production Company


Written & Directed By:

Leasharn M. Hopkins

Film Synopsis:

Civil Rights icon returns 50 years later to discover his 

dream has turned into a nightmare.

Almost 50 years have passed since Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. has been assassinated. Life and the struggle for African Americans racial equality has had dramatic highs and lows.

Derick Johnson and his wife Sharon find themselves at the center of a modern day conflict -- how to handle the accidental shooting of their friend by police officers.

Sha'Quan Middle was accidentally shot by police officers in a case of mistaken identity. This incident has the community on edge and ripe for violence.

Difference of opinions have set Derick and his wife on different spectrum of how to express their opinions about police negligence.

The re-appearance of civil rights icon, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., forces Derick to re-evaluate his perception on Black Lives Matters issues and his rights as an African American living in today's society.

Will Derick realize his generation has contributed to achieving Dr. King's dream for racial equality or turning it into a virtual nightmare?