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New Life Productions, LLC

New Life Productions, LLC

Independent Theatre & Film Production Company

For the Love of the Arts (FLA) 


For the Love of the Arts or FLA Foundation is a state recognized (South Carolina) non-profit foundation within New Life Productions, LLC.

The purpose of the foundation is to provide Arts Education or Arts Appreciation to communities in the form of the following:

  • Audience Development (Readers' Theatre)
  • Workshops for Script writing (Stage and Film)
  • Group workshops for Acting
  • Individual Acting Coach
  • Film Scene Study Group (Film Actors' Only)
  • Celebration Arts Ministries (Churches/Faith-Based)
  • Project ARC (Correctional Institutions Only) 

  •  Intern/Mentor (Secondary& Post-Secondary Arts Students) Our vision for our Arts Education program is to provide an affordable opportunity for interested persons to learn and develop their gifts or talents in literary, performances, or visual arts. 
    Eventually, the FLA Foundation will provide scholarships to youth who desire to attend an Arts Camp or assist with a mini-scholarship for those who desire a degree in one of the many arts discipline.

If you have any questions or inquiries about the FLA Foundation, please email us at: [email protected]


Click on the donate button and use our secure Paypal Account


Make your check and/or money order payable to: For the Love of the Arts Foundation or FLA Foundation and "snail" mail to 19 N. Lake Pointe Drive, Columbia, SC 29229. We appreciate your support!!



(Ages 14 -- Adult)

(Participants are asked to dress comfortable)

This one day workshop will focus on preparing the novice and intermediate actor with developing their skills for auditioning for stage and character analysis after you've landed the part.

Emphasis will be on cold reading techniques, scene partner work, stage terminology, monologue work, improvisation and a few other surprises. Persons who are curious about acting for theatre are encourage to attend this workshop!

To sign up for the workshop, please send an email to [email protected] and enter in the "Subject Line: Acting for Stage Workshop".

Workshop will be taught by:

Leasharn M. Hopkins

(NLP's Artistic Director & Founder)

Leasharn has extensive experience in directing stage productions, film trailers, cold and stage readings. She is an almuni of the Bill Duke Actors Boot Camp and other trainings.


(Ages 14 to Adult)

OBJECTIVE: To help the aspiring actor create drama, give life to a character and performance, understand themselves better and their capabilities as an actor.

The entire workshop will meet for five weeks (5 Saturdays) and sessions will be 4 hours. Sessions will vary depending on the week and topic that the instructor has chosen for his students. Each student will be required to bring a notepad, two #2 pencils and one ballpoint pen, dress comfortable, and keep an open mind and not be afraid to explore their hidden talent and further craft and build it from the ground up.

Workshop Roster:




In the 1st week, students will begin their work as they start from scratch and find the actor within them. The activities for Week 1 will include voice exercises, movement of the actor, how to memorize lines, and also learn about the various acting techniques that have gained notice since the 20 century.

*Students will be given the assignment to find a 1-minute monologue and prepare to recite it to the class.



The 2nd week students will have the opportunity to perform their monologues in front of the class. With each student the instructor will help them improve their monologue in a step-by-step process where they will learn the importance on each line, each movement, and each breath that makes their monologue and believability more and more effective with each step they take. Students will also do cold readings from actual scripts, they will have the choice of memorizing the script as best they can before performing or they may choose to keep the script with them as they will perform a scene with a partner.

* For this class I will provided scenes from a selected playwrights works for students to use for the readings. This segment will be videotaped.



The 3rd week will pick up where the 2nd week left off. Students will continue their study of scenes selected from “A Raisin in the Sun” and study the scenes using sense memory. Also, students will explore character development when given another play with a different set of characters. Students will look at the character themselves and analyze, dissect, and see what makes this particular character act the way they act and how they have come to be in their situation.

This segment will be videotaped.



The 4th workshop focuses on the ability to improvise as well as how to audition for casting directors in either theatre or film. Students will spend the 1st 90 minutes participating in various exercises that will allow them to call upon improvisation in order to keep the scene moving. In the 2nd 90 minutes the instructor will teach students the keys to auditioning in front of casting directors without losing their nerve or forgetting lines.



The 5th and final workshop will discuss what it takes to become a successful actor, not one that becomes a superstar, but one that knows the business and understands what it takes to be an actor. Students will learn how to market themselves, network in the industry, headshots, and also sit in a discussion and talk with the other students about their progress and what they have learned from completing the entire workshop.


(Ages 4-Adult)

These sessions are designed to provide one-on-one classes either on a weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly basis. All aspects of starting and building an acting career is explored.These sessions are designed to provide one-on-one classes either on a weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly basis. All aspects of starting and building an acting career is explored.

Also, participants will do scene and monologue work. All sessions are videotaped and the instructor and student will have feedback on how to develop and build a stronger character and performance either for an audition or to strengthen their performance for stage or film performance.

We are accepting students who have little experience to someone who is actively auditioning for stage and film.

If you are interested in rates for individual acting classes, please feel free to email us or complete a "contact us" form.


(Ages 4 – 13)

Is your kid interested in acting and performing? Inquire about Acting 4 Ants program for children ranging from Kindergarten to 8th grade.

Some of the activities that will be included:

You and Me Mirror: Mirroring is a great activity that really gets kids into the act. You can play this game with any number of kids as long as there is an even number. To start, pair the kids up. The pairs will then face each other. You will call out activities, and they must act out the activity together as if they were looking into a mirror. Some activities you can call out include brushing their teeth, putting on shoes, playing a trumpet, and washing their hair. This game will focus on imagination and cooperation.

Kid Scene: This game can also take any amount of kids, but the more you have the more fun it will end up. Start by calling out a situation or place such as a bus stop, class room or sand castle. With older kids, you can get more abstract. Have one child come to the front and pose, then the second child will pose in another position. Continue until all children have added their body to the scene. The idea is that they will pose to complete the scene or situation you have given them. This game also builds on imagination and creativity.

This is A: Stretching the imagination is the main goal of this fun drama game. You can be sure that the group of kids will want to play this one over and over again. Sit the group in a circle. Take any type of object that you already have in the room. This item can be as simple as a box of Kleenex or an empty bottle of water. Start the game by saying, "This is a bottle of glue, but it is really an ear cleaner". Then you can demonstrate how the object would be used if it were the made up item. Have the kids come up with wild creations and see what kind of ideas they can come up with by using their imaginations.

Yarn Tales: For this game, you will need a ball of yarn. Before starting, you will need to tie knots in the yarn every few inches or so and roll it back in a ball. Have the kids sit in a circle and you start the game. Hold the ball of yarn and gently slide the yarn in your fingers until you hit a knot. While you are doing this, start a story. This can be a made up story, or a story that the kids already know, such as "The Three Bears". When you get to the knot, you will pass the ball to the next participant and they will continue the story until they hit a knot and then pass it to the next person. Continue around the circle until you have completed the story.

Additional Workshops pertaining to 

"Directing for Stage", "Scriptwrighting", 

Celebrative Arts Ministry, and Project ARC

 (Arts Rehabilitation in Corrections) are also 


To inquire about workshops availability for your church or organization or individually, please send an email to [email protected] and type in the subject line "FLA Workshop/Classes".

The instructors for the different workshops/classes will vary and possibly rotate on artist availability.