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New Life Productions, LLC

New Life Productions, LLC

Independent Theatre & Film Production Company

Mission Statement

NLP's mission is to Educate, Entertain, Empower, and Minister through theatre and film. Our primary focus is to reach communities with information intertwined with an entertainment venue to begin the necessary dialogue and (possibly) be the catalyst for community mobilization about health and social issues.

Artistic Outreach Goal

In addition to our mission statement, we believe in five (5) artistic outreach goals to further define our objectives with the "Edu-Tainment" concept.

Goal #1: To reach out in exceptional artistry to communities with information that will promote awareness and stimulate conversation on health and social behaviors, attitudes, and responses affecting families, communities, and churches.

Goal #2: To create awareness using non-traditional methods that may reduce health and social disparities that plague minority families, communities, and churches.

Goal #3: To rally churches in being proactive in educating their members about facts instead of myths and confronting health and social disparities affecting minority families and communities.

Goal #4: To create a platform to increase audience development in understanding and/or appreciating theatre.

Goal #5: To train or equip emerging artists and encourage audience development in the Arts.