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New Life Productions, LLC

New Life Productions, LLC

Independent Theatre & Film Production Company

FLA Foundation



The Readers Series provides a platform for new and established playwrights and screenwriters to have their new, unproduced, or modified scripts read to audiences prior to going to full production.

The Series is a venue for the writer to have live feedback on script content, storyline, and/or character(s) development. Also, this is an opportunity to train new writers how to market their work and interact with audiences in discussing their scripts.


NLP will accept new and unproduced works for the Readers Series. If the script has been produced and the writer has made major edits or rewrites, we will accept those scripts for the Series.

We are asking authors who submit scripts to obtain copyrights for their work.

All scripts are read by the Artistic Director of NLP only.

If the script is complete and ready for the Series, the Artistic Director will contact the author about the following: securing an agreement with the playwright to have the script read (no funds are involved--NLP will determine the month script is read); obtaining the author's bio and headshot (playbill and website viewing); and any graphics the author may have associated with their new, unproduced or modified work.

An author is more than welcome to attend their script reading however if the author is from out of town NLP is not responsible for their travel, lodging, and meals. This responsibility will be on the author who chooses to attend the reading.

With an agreement in place, copies will be made of the script and distributed to the actors only. Sometimes readings are taped (no fee) and will be shared with the author only. If there is significant feedback on a script that information will be shared with the author.

Once the reading is completed. The script is destroyed. Therefore, if you submit a script for the Series please make sure you retain the original and only submit a copy.

Also, you may email your scripts to: [email protected]

-- please put in the subject line "Readers Series". 

If you decide to "snail" mail your script, please submit to: New Life Productions, 19 N. Lake Pointe Drive, Columbia, SC 29229.

Format for the Readers Series

No more than two scripts/plays are read (depending on the script length) at the monthly series. At each reading a different writer is highlighted. Writers are encouraged to attend the readings -- this is for you to filter questions and/or comments from the audience.

In the event a writer cannot attend their reading, comment cards and/or video of the reading will be forwarded to the writer.

The Readers Series is normally held on the 3rd Saturday of a month unless otherwise specified and is free and open to the general public.

However, we do encourage donations at the conclusion of the readings.